What is the first step in interpreting the results of ANCOVA?

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Discussion Questions
1.What is the first step in interpreting the results of ANCOVA?
2.What are the three separate hypotheses for an ANCOVA test?
3.Please explain the critical issue that would needs to be addressed according to the reading and explain.
4.What could possibly happen if variables contain errors?
5. What do F ratios and p values indicate for each covariate?
6. ANCOVA is to ‘determine’ if factor interaction is present by examining the_________ and ­­­­___________for the interaction?
7. ANCOVA has the same assumptions as any linear model except there are two important additional considerations: What are the two considerations and what tests are done for those assumptions?
8. In consideration of covariates to be included in an analysis what should not be taken lightly?
9. The use of ANCOVA essentially has three major purposes. What are the three major purposes mentioned?
10. When we select Model in assumptions’ test, what is the difference between Full Factorial and Custom in that Model window?
11. In ANCOVA, what are the effects of interaction between IV and DV, DV and CoV, IV and COV?
12. How does one determine how many covariates are appropriate to use?
13. If an F test is significant when testing for homogeneity of regression, what should one do?
14. Load the SPSS file HSB500_1.sav (not HSB500) from the DATA files folder provided in Data Files in CANVAS. It is the same file you used in ANOVA, the last chapter. In this ANCOVA chapter, MATHACH (mathematics achievement) is still the DV. The IVs include FAEDNEW (father’s education) and GRADE, while the covariate is MOSAIC (detecting patterns test). Perform an ANCOVA and “Write up Results”. Include any necessary tables.

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