Criminal Justice

Criminal Justice

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Instructions: The exam is available on Bb within Module 7 by 8:00 AM ET on the due date listed in the calendar. Students should compose their answer to all parts of the question in MS Word, edit their response for clarity and completeness, check the spelling and grammar, and then submit through the final exam link in Module 7. Exams submitted after 8AM ET on the due date will be penalized a single letter grade for every 24-hour period they are late and will not be accepted after 48 hours past the due date.

Please answer the following question in an essay not to exceed 5 pages double-spaced with 12-point font.

As we discussed at the beginning of the course, early criminologists (e.g., Sheldon and Eleanor Glueck) advocated a “multi-factor” approach in which they examined data on criminal behavior in the search for all of the factors that contributed to explaining crime. This approach was supplanted by a “pure theory” approach (e.g., Sutherland, Hirschi) in which scholars adopted assumptions about human nature, the law and the general causes of crime and then developed specific theories based on those general ideas. As the final chapter in the textbook notes, the multi-factor approach (what the authors call the “variables” approach) is again gaining favor, this time under the guise of theoretical integration.

Part 1. Briefly compare and contrast the multi-factor (variables) approach with the pure theory approach. Are they necessarily exclusive (i.e., one or the other)? What are the advantages and disadvantages of each?

Part 2. Choose one theory from group A and one from group B (below), and propose an integration of the two theories. In your integration, be sure to address the following:

Define at least 2 concepts/terms from each theory.

Explain how these concepts cause crime according to their original theories. What gaps or problems exist in each of the original theories that might be solved by integrating with the other theory?

Describe how they can be logically connected to form a multilevel, multi-cause, sequential, or conditional integration. You should draw a diagram for this part that clearly describes how the concepts relate to one another in your integration.

Discuss the advantages and disadvantages of this integration for explaining criminal behavior.

Briefly describe one policy implication of the integrated theory. How would the application of the integrated theory be different from the application of the original theories?

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