Your task is to use the policy literature

Your task is to use the policy literature from the POLI1052 Course Modules and the wider policy literature and documents relevant to your policy case study (ie: that you have researched from those available in the RMIT library or other reputable and academic sources), to provide a 2,500 word analysis of the policy making ideas which best explain the development of your policy case study (ie: ideas concerning politics, interests and influences; policy models (rational, interpretative or critical approaches); agenda setting and the media; discourses, framing and representations; evidence and research; policy process etc).
The purpose of the policy analysis paper is to combine the knowledge and insights from your case study with the POLI1052 policy theory and reading in order to answer the question, what does your case study policy episode tell us about how public policy is made?
This does not mean evaluating how effective the policy is, or making recommendations about how to change this policy. Rather, you are required to use the policy theory and literature to explain how and why this policy development process came about, and what lessons your case study offers for your understanding of policy making. Really what you are trying to do is to reflect, theorise and explain policy making and policy change.
Your case study can be the same as you reviewed in your presentation for assignment 2 or a different case study from the list of assignment 2 case studies (available in Modules on Canvas for this course).
If you choose to use the same case study as you did for assignment 2, you are expected to go into further depth about this case study for assignment 3. You are also expected to provide different information and analysis. Ie: you should not simply copy what you did in assignment 2 with a bit extra. You are expected to provide a more in-depth, critically aware understanding of the case study for this final assignment.
If you want to do a case study that is not listed on the case studies provided for assignment 2, then you will need to run this by your tutor for approval to proceed.

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