You will read “The Pacific Lumber Company” by Thomas Princen in your course reader.1 Your assignment is to write a 2.5-3 page reaction paper [double-spaced– 12 pt font

Reaction Paper Assignment

You will read “The Pacific Lumber Company” by Thomas Princen in your course reader.1   Your assignment is to write a 2.5-3 page reaction paper [double-spaced– 12 pt font (Times New Roman or Arial fonts), 1 inch margins, make every paragraph count].

Your reaction paper will:

  • Describe the main/key points that you believe the author is trying to make, essentially a summary of the key This can be as short as one or two sentences, or as long as a paragraph or two.
  • Give a well-supported opinion about whether you agree or disagree with the author’s key This can be a nuanced opinion (e.g. you agree generally, but not with a specific point/argument. Alternatively you may agree with point A because…, but not with point B because…)
    1. Use at least one concept you have learned in the class to support or explain your We have learned quite a few so far but the most applicable are; (1) sustainability metrics (e.g. carrying capacity), and (2) institutions for long-enduring common pool resources.


The most important aspects of this assignment are that you show (a) you understood the reading, and (b) you synthesize class concepts and concepts from the reading to form your own well-reasoned opinion. You can bolster your argument through examples pulled from the reading or other sources of information to support your opinion, but be sure to cite where appropriate and to use reliable sources. (Wikipedia is great, but NOT considered a reliable source).  Do NOT write in the first person (no “I,” “me,” or “we”). Most professional writing is in the 3rd person, so learning how to write concisely in the 3rd person is an important skill to develop.


Grading Scheme


General Merit

Ideas 40% – Insightful and well-supported

Organization 30% – Clear main idea, logical order of presentation Style 10% – Smooth transitions between ideas and paragraphs


Grammar 10%

Spelling / Punctuation 10%

1 Citation: Princen, Thomas “The Pacific Lumber Company: The Evolution of an Idea.” in The Logic of Sufficiency. Cambridge: MIT Press, 2005. pp. 160-222.  YOU WILL ONLY READ pp. 160-189

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