Write an essay on ONLY ONE TYPE of bioplastic with a maximum of 4000 words.

Industrial Bioplastic


Write an essay on ONLY ONE TYPE of bioplastic with a maximum of 4000 words. Word count does not include content and title pages, tables, figures, figure captions, references and appendices.

The essay should cover the following:

– The history of the development of process techniques.

– Process routes comparisons. Based on the basic knowledge of bioprocess techniques, the manufacturing technique can be described in terms of process principles and industrial application. more deep insights on the theme area are expected.

– Evaluation of the industrial manufacturing of Bioplastic based on Life Cycle Assessment and sustainability of the process.

Assessment Criteria:

– Covers the most important aspects of the subject including (historical developments, process routes and sustainable assessment, etc.)

– A clear understanding of fundamental concepts and evidence of critical analysis and coherence.

– Good presentation using appropriate academic conventions, providing coherent descriptions and style. – Uses and collates information/data from relevant and appropriate primary sources.

– Writes clearly and concisely; showing originality and personal thoughts; demonstrates well-justified reasons for your statements. the essay should include an abstract, a concise introduction, discussion and conclusion. other sections may be included.

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