write a 150 word, double spaced essay about their sculpture.


Midterm: Due end of week 5

Midterm consists of Part I, Part II and Part III

Midterm Part I

Each student will choose materials from the list below and construct an “object in space” (please ensure you understand the meaning) as a sculpture (instructor many approve alternative materials). Superior effort and attention to instructions will be rewarded with a superior grade. Sloppy, inattentive work will be rewarded accordingly.

See Below for required viewing and synthesis: You cannot successfully complete the midterm unless you have watched and understand this video content!

The Language of the Birds by Anselm Kiefer – Curiator


4/5 Anselm Kiefer: Remembering the Future – YouTube

▶ 14:01https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1Owl3xsKt84

Feb 10, 2015 – Uploaded by Art DocumentariesThere is no-one quite like Anselm Kiefer. Having achieved fame and notoriety in equal measure in the 1980s …

Book with Wings 1992-94 Anselm Kiefer 1945 – YouTube

▶ 0:37https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OFLoImcCZvAMar 15, 2014 – Uploaded by Fribourg2012recorded on March 15, 2014 Moving Image Archive Serge de Muller.

Brancusi, Bird in Space – YouTube

▶ 2:39https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xWTzH7RV80g

Oct 1, 2011 – Uploaded by Smarthistory. art, history, conversation.Constantin BrancusiBird in Space, bronze, limestone, wood, 1928 (MoMA) Speakers: Dr. Steven Zucker, Dr …  Materials list:

                        Scrap wood

                        Unbroken glass/Plexiglas /mirror (USE EXTREME CAUTION)



                        Duct tape



                        Plastic containers


                        Electrical parts

                        Plumbing parts

                        Latex house paint

                        Glue/hot glue

                        Misc. decorative pieces


   Just plain old parts and pieces


  • Student will take digital images of each material prior to beginning
  • Use as many of the materials as desired (minimum of 5 from list)
  • Finished object must be at least 16” tall and 6” wide or 6” tall and 16” wide
  • Students will digitally record images of at least 6 steps in their creative process.

    Minimum required images of finished sculpture:

  • One image taken from overhead
  •        One image taken from ‘front’
  •        One image taken from ‘back’

Additional images may enhance your presentation

PowerPoint Presentation:

Students will use the minimum required 3 images (read assignment instructions carefully) to create a PowerPoint presentation with a minimum of 10 slides.

Each slide will consist of a different image and no more than 3 lines of text. All text to be a minimum of 24 point.


 Refer to syllabus for grading rubric.


Written component:

Students will write a 150 word, double spaced essay about their sculpture. Sculpture must have a title/name.

Title page consists of:

  • Title of sculpture
  • Your name
  • Course name
  • Date


 Refer to syllabus for grading rubric.


(see Discussion in WEEK 5 Module)

**Images of finished sculptures will be                                                                        shared to Canvas for review and                                                                                critique by the class in MIDTERM PART III (see Discussion Section in Module  Week 5)

Each student must respond to a minimum of one of the sculptures. (see Discussion in WEEK 5 Module)


 Refer to syllabus for grading rubric.

See below for help uploading multiple files to one assignment. Caution: If you do not understand how to upload multiple files you will only be replacing a previous file each time you upload. It can be a very costly mistake. 

DISCUSSION MIDTERM PART III: Upload Midterm Images for Discussion: Here you will upload the finished images (only the required 3 finished images (SEE ASSIGNMENT INSTRUCTIONS FROM PARTS I and II) of your sculpture. Once you upload images you will be able to see the other student sculptures as well. Some students may be later in the week submitting so you must check back often or activate notifications for canvas. You must comment on at least one of their works:

  1. Why do you like the sculpture?
  2. What is the best feature or what is unique about it?
  3. Write 3 or 4 lines describing the sculpture using vocabulary that is relevant from the last 5 weeks study.

To clear up any confusion…

If you haven’t watched the videos attached to the assignment for your midterm, this may be confusing. I am not talking about a meteorite or an alien spaceship…or could I be? Google “an object in space, sculpture” if you’re still confused. You might even Google Brancusi for some idea of his philosophy on 3 dimensional objects occupying space. 

Consider this: The peculiarity of sculpture is that it creates a three-dimensional object in space. Painting may strive to live on a two-dimensional plane, the illusion of space, but it is space itself as a perceived quality that becomes the peculiar concern of the sculptor.

 K. Dedobbeleer 



 50% Content and Accuracy: content, grammar, and

quality of information/presentation

 30% Clarity and Organization: includes grammar and

quality of writing/presentation

 20% Mechanics of the assignment: Follows

instructions, Format and layout (per instructions) i.e.

Title page, Times New Roman, #12, 1″ margins, double spaced

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