Why is this person historicallysignificant?

The original essay/profile/dossiershould be a minimum of fivepages in length. The title page should NOTbe included as part of the five-page count. Title pages should include the following elements: title, student name, class section, date, etc. All work turned in as part of the course requirements should be typed in Microsoft Word (Font 12, Times New Roman, 1” margins, double-spaced and pages numbered). All rules related to grammar, punctuation, spelling, etc.will apply. The essay must be submitted through TurnItIn.Key element–Why is this person historicallysignificant? Why are they considered to be villains(or, heroes)?Be specificin your essay.1. Biographical information2. Historical significance3. Hero or Villain–True, or not 4. Why study this figure?

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