* Why are you interested in attending Columbia University? (200 words or fewer)

growing up in lagos, i am used to living in the city. i see columbia university as a place of oportunities because as a girl coming from the slums of nigeria. columbia provides me with with a platform to better myself with her psychology department being one of the oldest and most influential in the state and her law school ranked amongst top 5. columbia’s located situated in the heart of new york with its busy environment keeps me on your toes and what better place to get  good education amidst one of the biggest cities. Also being formally enrolled in Clarkson, the psychology department was more science and clinical based rather than social and considering my interest in law i wold not benefit from it.
coluumbia university is home to scientists like gestalt who started the theories on which social psychology was found. As a black woman i also find that Columbia has more resources such as the GSAS under the Equality and Social Justice Committee (ESJC) .

please make the essay 200 words or less

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