What policies might be impacted by the study’s findings?What research design was used?How might the findings impact clients in rural or urban areas?

Review of the Literature (1 paragraph) 10 pts

What are some of the findings of the literature review?

Is there an underlying theory that supports the research inquiry?

Design and Procedure 10pts.

What research design was used?

What measurement tools were used

What were the procedures

What did the study measure?

How was the data analyzed?

Was the data qualitative or quantitative?

Were the weaknesses discussed? What were the weaknesses?

What are the conclusions/findings.

Whom/what will the results effect?

What policies might be impacted by the study’s findings?

How does the study relate to the field of social work in urban or rural areas?

How might the findings impact clients in rural or urban areas

H. What is your overall assessment of the study?

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