What are the main activities or services of the facility?Who is the target customer or audience?Where is it going to be?Explain.

After having examined a variety of ecotourism opportunities and have considered different biomes, you are to provide a short proposal of an ecotourism activity or facility  that you would like to develop in one of the biomes of Canada. This is not an existing facility, it is one that you are creating you can have any budget you like, any location, any target group. It is not a review of an existing venture but you can pattern it after any you have read about. This is your chance to create your ultimate eco-vacation .

This proposal will include:

Two or three sentences describing the project: what are the main activities or services of the facility?
A justification of the project’s importance to the environment, community, etc.
Who is the target customer or audience?
Where is it going to be? For this assignment you need to situate your proposed venture in one of the biomes of Canada. This may require reading ahead in the lessons and text to become familiar with these regions
For the last part, if you are not that familiar with world regions or biomes, you can use the early exercises in module one and web links to gain a better knowledge of world biomes. Also you should read through Chapters 8 and 9 in the text, Weaver presents a good overview of most areas of the globe. This section should not be more than a page .

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