For this week’s assignment, you will write a Feasibility Study that compares 2 Cases.   The objective of this exercise is to apply the principles covered in class and the readings for the week to evaluate the two projects and recommend the better project to approve and fund.

  1. Start by selecting 2 cases from the folder “Case Studies” in the Week 1 > Assignments folder
  2. Next, write an overview of each project to introduce the reader to the cases
  3. Since there is no set form for a Feasibility Study, you will need to construct your own structure.  Use the templates and examples in the Zip file attached to this assignment link for ideas on the sections that you paper should include.  At a minimum, your Feasibility Study should include:
    • High Level Risk Assessment (where do you see the challenges, probability/severity of consequence (simple grid) for each project Scenario).  Which project seems more “risky”?
    • Cost/Benefit Analysis: High Level – What are you seeing is the possible overall cost of the project and in particular the benefits.  Which project seems to have greater overall benefits?
    • Substantiate the Feasibility and Your Choice- when leadership is looking to support a project and choose between which 2 projects, they will want to support the project with the “biggest bang for the buck”.
    • Justification/Rationale/Reasoning/Assumptions – This is an analysis…build your case and support it!
  4. You must use at least 2 files from the Zip file attachment.  Remember, when you use any source to organize of inform your work, you must include a reference.
  5. Your paper must be a minimum of 4 pages long, but no more than 8 pages.  Use Calibri 12-point font 1.5 space.  Format your paper so that it’s easy to read.  Divide in sections and use headers where appropriate.  Use bullets or numbered lists to make your point.  Include charts and financial figures, either in the body of the text or in an appendix.

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