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I’m working on a social science writing question and need a sample draft to help me learn.

I’m working on a social science writing question and need a sample draft to help me learn.

After reading the Huntington’s article, Fox’s critique, and watching Chomsky’s, discuss the arguments made by the author and its limitation. Identify the research question. What phenomenon is Huntington trying to explain? What is the causal mechanism he delineates? What critiques did you find convincing and would you advance more of your own? Does the article fully answer the research question?

Discussion Board Expectations

By the end of 5/21, reply to this post.
By the end of 5/23, respond to one of your classmates’ initial postings and to the instructor’s and your classmates’ follow-up questions to your post. Please be constructive in your comments.
You may disagree with your classmate or the instructor, but be respectful in your postings and provide evidence for your position.
The instructor will oversee the discussion and may post follow-up questions to be answered by students.

Video: Chomsky on Clash of Civilization

300 words discussion, after you give me the first work, I will post the classmates post to you. and I will tips if you got me 9/10 thank you so much!

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