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Follow the link to Relative Genious (Links to an external site.)

Listen to the entire episode, it is approximately one hour long.

Hit the reply button, below and ask three questions based on the above episode of radiolab

Questions should be open ended and thoughtful

Questions are meant to facilitate critical thinking and discussion

Then reply to the following 6 questions

1. I know that the brain physically changes according to one’s environment, but Jad made an interesting point and was very skeptical about Einstein’s brain. It made me wonder that if not his brain being unique then could it be that other parts of him being different? For instance, there was more to him than just his physical body maybe his soul was different from the rest of us?

2. I don’t recall this being mentioned in the podcast but how was the brain so well preserved after many people studied it and cut it into many pieces?

3. After hearing about Thomas Harvey and how he stole the brain it made me question what I would if someone close to me was smart like Einstein and their brain was wanted by many people. The family was aware that Einstein did not want to be glorified or treated like superhuman, many people wanting to study his brain kind of put him in a higher position. What would you do if you were in Einstein’s family’s position?

4. Albert Einstein requested that his ashes be scattered somewhere secret since he didn’t want his body becoming a shrine to his genius. However, if you were him would you have the same requests?

5. Do you think Einstein was just born that smart or certain things helped him to achieve his great accomplishments?

6. In the episode, one of the hosts explains that in Einstein’s brain his sylvan fissure was a lot shorter compared to some in other brains. Do you think this could have played a role in why he was so smart?

You need to watch the podcast and use the podcast as a reference but you need to put it into your own words.

Make the questions at least like 3 sentences

The replies at least 4 sentences.

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