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We can work on UCLA W9 Feminism Social Movements Discussion – Assignment Help

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Week 9 Discussion Post – Section 4

Instructions: Week 9 only has 1 discussion question. Please review the discussion question below, provide a response. Response posts should be 2-3 paragraphs. After you post your response, please reply to a post written by your fellow peers (you can provide more than one reply if you wish). You may have to log on at a later time to post your reply to another student’s post. Please be considerate in your posts and replies.

Week 9 Question

1) Without relying on the internet or any type of research, provide your own working definition of the term “feminism.” What connotations (positive/negative/neutral) does that term evoke for you? In what context(s) have you heard the term? How did you come to think of “feminism” in this way? Do you think others would agree/disagree with your definition? Explain.

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