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We can work on UCI Gender Inequality Studies Women and Men Behave Research Paper – Assignment Help

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To explore the strengths and weaknesses of experiments, surveys, and field research, use the general research area your question in assignment 3 (GENDER INEQUALITY) , and write brief descriptions of studies in that topic area that could be conducted using each of these three methods. In each case, why is the chosen method the most appropriate for the study you describe?

Each of your brief study descriptions should include:

Method to be used (experiment, survey, field research)
Who will be the participants and how many will be included in the study
There search question to be answered
What kind of data will be collected (ratings on a Likert scale, ethnographic field notes, recorded in-depth interviews, measures of age, income, or other demographics, experimental pretest and posttest, attitudinal scales, response/reaction times)
The reason the method is the most appropriate

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