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For this forum, you will be yourself. However, pretend that you are a friend of Antoine Roquentin’s and he has come to you for advice. He has tried to explain the feeling of nausea to you and has described a typical day in his life. Now, he is asking you for some wisdom regarding how he can improve himself and his life.

1. You will respond to your character portrayal last week. Copy and Paste your discussion post from last week in this forum.

2. Your response should be a minimum of 300 words.

3. Make sure and refer to parts of the book as well as what he has told you. Your wisdom should at least in part come form pointing out things in the book that might not have been noticed by him. You are allowed to have your own perspective on what would be best for him, of course. Just make sure that you incorporate aspects of the book in your response.

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