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Look back again at your analytical summary. Brainstorm what kind of possible relationships the critical piece you examined and any section from The Schooner Flight might have. Choose a passage you find most appealing or stimulating. Write about your brainstorms in freeform fashion while sharing both your brainstorms and your free write on the Discussion Board. Examine the posts from classmates and respond to them with critical responses prompted by these ideas. Again, take advantage of the exchange this intellectual freedom of interaction provides by taking notes of any ideas or inspirations you obtain from these “online cafe” discussions.


Not You/Like You is a powerful essay by Minh-Ha, that examines power, identity, and difference, encouraging a shift in the perception of identity to see “the inappropriate other within every I”. she (Min-Ha) asserts that identity means an individual’s search for their authentic self. On one hand, identity separates entities to create different groups that are either outsiders or insiders. As a concept, difference contrasts with identity. Difference separates identities from each other without creating separatism. she suggests that difference is present within a single object and between insider and outsider groups. Overall, she maintains that the idea of differences challenges the concept of identity. Not You/Like You also looks at the concept of permanent essence and its association with the dominant thought stream. She declares that identity is characterized by both intricacy and mobility. The difference between an individual’s identity and what they are not, however, does not necessarily imply oppression and disempowerment. In her analysis of identity, Minh-Ha supposes that there is a clear dividing line between what someone is and what they are not. In search of their true self, she suggests that people eliminate what they consider other, mixed, or fake. Identity is a complex phenomenon that involves more than just finding and maintaining a concrete understanding of oneself. Moreover, who someone is and who they are not is not exactly the same. The differences that people exhibit as she suggests do not mean segregation. Insider and outsider differences do not mean that the insider who steps from the inside has to forever become the inappropriate other while being reminded of her differences.

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