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part 1:

Video Lectures

Know Your Why | Michael Jr. (3:49)

A Personal Experience with the Police | Michael Jr. (9:44)


By the mid-week deadline based on your readings and the video lectures answer each of the questions/prompts below with 2 paragraphs using concepts from the text or your own research (be sure to cite correctly).

Based on the course materials for these weeks and the semester material discuss the importance of “Knowing your why” in order to make change in society?


Textbook Readings:

1. Lee, Neeley & Stewart- Chapter 12: Using Monitoring and Evaluating to Measure Public Affairs

2. EffectivenessExternal: https://www.tobaccofreekids.org/assets/factsheets/0371.pdf

How public health communication campaigns can influence communities


By the mid-week deadline, answer each of the prompts with 3 paragraphs using concepts and citations from the text or your own research.


1. What is a Performance Management Plan (PMP), the Government and Results Act (GPRA) and what are the major purposes and goals of this Act?

2. As a future Public Administrator, Public Official, PIO, Press Secretary , Communications Director, …etc. WHY do you believe that monitoring and evaluating should be part of the strategic planning process for effective public relations?

3. “Practitioners of public relations generally agree that the most fundamental resource we provide to our organization is the quality of the relationships we create and manage with the media” Agree/ Disagree, describe your reasoning below.

Few things to be mindful of:

1. Please provide foundational background and detail as well as resources for your opinions & statements. ***Never assume the reader understands your POV, always explain it.

2. Please make sure you complete a Works Cited at the conclusion of your posts

3. Make sure you are answering all of the questions in the prompt with complete answers

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