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How does the traditional view of family differ from that of the modernist viewpoint? Specifically, what does each view say about family change, what is a limitation of each view, and what would each view suggest as a solution to current family issues?

Explain how some positive externalities involve the production of what are called public goods.

Why is the definition of family important in social, legal, and economic terms?

Name the major methods that sociologists use to study families. Describe one of these methods.

What were historically the three basic activities of most Western families? Which activity has changed most dramatically?

How did children during the Great Depression adopt a “downward extension of adult-like experience”?

Give three explanations for the high birth rate of women who married in the 1950s.

In what way did settled agriculture, as compared to hunting and gathering, revolutionize human organization?

What does the concept of two-spirited people tell us about the two sexes?

What brought about the growing movement centering around masculinity in the 1990s?

Why, according to those who would use the interactionist approach in explaining male and female differences, would gender distinctions need to be reinforced and reproduced each day in families?

Why might it be difficult in the United States to implement a policy of comparable responsibility within job classifications? That is, why don’t we have a system in this country that more evenly distributes monetary rewards for jobs such as liquor store clerk (a relatively well-paid, mostly male position in many states) and elementary school teacher (a relatively underpaid, mostly female position in many states)?

Explain what Lareau meant by concerted cultivation versus natural growth in terms of the class differences in the way parents view the task of raising children.

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