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Film Discussed:


Year of Film:

Country of Origin:

1.Basic Plot/Narrative Structure: Describe briefly the basic plot or narrative of the film.

2.Main Characters: Who are the main characters in the film? What is the fate of each character by the end of the film? How do the characters contribute to the film’s message about Africa?

3.Filmic Signs and Symbols: Do you notice the repetition of filmic signs or symbols in the film? How do these signs contribute to the film’s representation of Africa or Africans?

4.Cultural Sociological Analysis: Use Griswold’s Cultural Diamond to briefly analyze the producer, receiver, social context, and film as a cultural object. What relationship does the film have to the power elites of the African society shown? How do its symbols support or contest the dominant ideologies of the society it depicts?

5.Relation to Week’s Reading: What is the relationship between the film and the course readings? You may concentrate on one reading or incorporate multiple readings. You can also relate your comments to your lecture notes.

answer each question no less than 150 words, and Please note the grammar. movie link https://www.crackle.com/watch/7597

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