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Mergel: Ch 6: Social Media Policy Considerations
Mergel Ch 7: Social Media Metrics




By the mid-week deadline, answer each of the prompts with 3 paragraphs using concepts and citations from the text or your own research.


Throughout this course, the continuous tone as it relates to serving in a public relations communications role, of any kind, is the fact that public facing press personnel MUST have a seat at the management table. They need to be the eyes and ears of the organization, as it goes beyond just understanding the mission of the organization. They must understand the hierarchy, culture, and day to day priorities and issues, as they are as Mergel references, “The Ringmaster.” This is a fast paced role, dynamic AND at times challenging depending on when and how you are communicating and how much knowledge and information you have as the press contact OR how much information you garner for your public facing colleagues in management, speaking directly on an issue. If you work for an agency, at any moment or any hour, an issue could arise and you must become the expert to begin your pitch. Additionally, it is not always about being on the defensive, at times you will use social media or press releases to advocate for your organizations mission. This also relates to politics, especially if you find yourself working on behalf of a candidate or public official. You must know your audience and your media. With that being said, using the social media guidelines in Chapter 6. , (questions to use in developing a successful social media strategy ) choose a ‘hot topic’ in government and describe how YOU would approach this ‘assigned’ topic. Choose something you are PASSIONATE about or a topic/field you ideally could see yourself working in, in the future.
What are your thoughts on the videos regarding what it takes to be a press secretary? What do you think is the biggest challenge they face? ( to locate videos navigate to the week 10 materials section)
Mergel makes reference to GSA’s center for excellence in digital government, please research GSA.GOV and describe below an initiative or resource that stood out to you?
With regard to chapter 7, what does Mergel relay with regard to how we can measure social media activities effectively?

Few things to be mindful of:

1. Please provide foundational background and detail as well as resources for your opinions & statements. ***Never assume the reader understands your POV, always explain it.

2. Please make sure you complete a Works Cited at the conclusion of your posts

3. Make sure you are answering all of the questions in the prompt with complete answers

4. I always enjoy when students integrate their experiences, background knowledge and passions/interests into their answers; in fact, I encourage it!!

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