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Rawls Reading Analysis Paper

Respond to one of these questions. Word Count: 700-800. More is not necessarily better. PDF or doc. format.


1. Rawls writes: “These principles are to be arranged in a serial order with the first principle prior to the second. This ordering means that a departure from the institutions of equal liberty required by the first principle cannot be justified by, or compensated for, by greater social and economic advantages.” Why does Rawls think this, logically? Consider a possible example of, or objection to, this point.

2. Mills writes (in a part we are not assigned) that to ignore the history of colonialism and racism “is to erase a history of domination which needs to be formally recognized as itself political and leaving a political legacy that can only be properly addressed through being acknowledged at the abstract conceptual level at which philosophy operates.” How does Mills “address” this history in his reading of Rawls? What might Rawls say back?



1. Only choose one question, and Only use internal readings.

2. Attached instruction, How to do it right, and rubric.

We need to follow rubric, and instruction.

Tips help a lot.

3. No need for external sources, do according to the instruction, NOT JUST ANSWER QUESTION.

4. 700-800 words

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