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We can work on Park University Unit 7 Children from The Gender Revolution Discussion – Assignment Help

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In this unit, we will examine the causes and consequences of balancing work and families. We will look at who works in the workforce and who works at home, the division of household labor, and who takes care of the kids. Rational choice and social exchange theory will also be applied to family.


Evaluate the causes and consequences of balancing work and family (CLO2)
Apply rational choice and social exchange theory to family (CLO1)
Apply knowledge to everyday lives and their own lives (CLO6)


After reading the articles assigned for the week in your Ferguson text, fully answer the questions asked on each article. Each unit, you are required to post to ALL discussion prompts but only one peer post per unit is required. You must post first before you will see other classmate’s postings.

Topic 1: “There’s no such thing as having it all: Gender, work and care in the age of insecurity”

In this article, the author discusses the boundary between earning a living and taking care of the family. Most people want both a satisfying career and a rich family life but it is very difficult to have our cake and eat it too. Children from the gender revolution have 3 options. They include partaking in the neo-traditional format, the self-reliance option, or egalitarianism. Which will or do you employ and why?

Topic 2: “No place like home: the division of domestic labor in Lesbigay families”

In this article, the author argues that egalitarianism is a myth in Lesbigay families. Explain. Do you agree with the author’s findings? Why or why not?

Topic 3: What are the causes and consequences of balancing work and family in your life?

Due Dates

First post due 11:59 p.m., Thursday CT
Respond to one or more classmates by 11:59 p.m., Sunday, CT.

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