Video Source: Robots and AI: The Future is Automated and Every Job is at Risk [A

Video Source: Robots and AI: The Future is Automated and Every Job is at Risk [Automation, Pt. 1] by AJ+ Docs (Links to an external site.)
So far in this module, you have examined the era of industrialization from 1870 to 1900 and the various responses—Populism and Progressivism— to the problems of unregulated capitalism—corruption, unsafe working conditions, low wages, price gouging, and automation (Links to an external site.).
Now it is time for us to turn hindsight into foresight by using what you have learned in module #1 to think more critically about the current global economy of today with manufacturing jobs being shipped out and cheap immigrant laborers imported from overseas and automation (artificial intelligence computers and machines) taking over. These were the same issues that workers and farmers, the populist movement, back in the 19th century were trying to address and resolved through labor strikes, political organization, and demanded for government intervention.
The internet and tech industry since the late 1990s has really accelerated the process of automation. While the trend has allowed the economy to be more efficient and cut costs, the consequences have also led to millions of workers being laid off and forced the political system to respond. On the right side of politics, former President Trump voiced the anger of low-skilled workers and farmers by demanding an end to immigration, tariff war with China, and eliminating government environmental regulations to allow businesses to grow domestically. On the left side of politics, former Democratic presidential candidate Andrew Yang made automation the platform of his campaign and is proposing to provide “freedom dividends” (yearly stipend to everyone with no strings attached) to help workers and Americans deal with automation (Links to an external site.).
What are your thoughts on how workers and governments should respond to these rapid transformative changes in the economy?
For this assignment, you will post a Topic Reply (minimum of 300 words/ worth 15 points) that answers the following questions:
What is your future job/career?
Will factors such as outsourcing, foreign workers importation, and automation a factor in your field of work? If yes, are you worried about your chances of being employed in the industry?
Do you think the government should have any responsibility in helping workers who will be out of work due to automation? If so, what should the government do and where would the funding come from?
after posting your Topic Reply, you will read and write two Peer Replies (minimum of 100 words/ 5 points per-peer reply) to another classmate’s post in which you provide feedback and comments to his/her topic reply.
Topic Reply should be completed by Sunday, April 17
(2) Peer Replies should be complete by Thursday, April 21
any reply that does not meet the minimum word quota will not be graded.


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