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Paragraph 3 (475525)* What: Topic sentence What are . venous ethical approa . practice situatons invoking p.dially conflicting values a ethical dilemmas? For example: yOU can look at the prolessl clashing wilt, personal and moral ethIcs, therefore ethical moral L01- I.rpret va:Odu::Zel situations ::=Th v=d dilemmas. dilemma. But what is done in . situation to resolve this? Evidence: Supporting Evidence ProvIde evIdence (Harvard referencing style wtth In-text) Llnked to the pdentially conflicting values and ethical dilemmas? Example: provide other examples or is otYler evIdence to suggest similar opinions, Do:Summing up the Paragraph Do a PIM summary for thls paragraph, to dose it Paragraph 3 What: Top. sentence What are.. ethical and professional pdnclpiea intluenoIng decision-rnaking in health and social ea and try to 075- 535) …a include some of these elements: – Knowledge al.lcal .eorles, sidlls of ethloal argument end dad. usIng .ories In case analysis 1.0 – Analyee ethical and • Ethical theories you ‘nay Mei. discuss: 1.1Jtilitadmisrn ethics (outcome based) proftssional Principles 2.Nontologiol ethics (duty… Mfluencing decision J.Canseguentialism (consequences of actions)-Addressing equity issues inherent in our pole.. health cane making in health and sYdam• • Pn..lonal issues social ure. You may wish lodIscuss: 1.The relation.. between ethics and professional codes 2.The limits of these codes – Ethiul and legal issues that adse tor ethics – Moral conchal. on the pumutt of health equity. – Ethical pimples • Justice •,..utonorrlY • Non- malefiCence • Beneficence hey all needle he linked to your topic Ot [sew,. Evidence: Supporting Evidence Provlde evidence Ma a .rencing style 22.124.)( ethlcal filed., prole issue, justice, autonomy, 5101.20, non.maieticence. he. etc• Example: provide other examples or view. is other evldence to suggest similar opinions7 Also, evalu. this evidenu. Do:Summing up . Paragraph Do a little summary tor this paragraph to close it appropriatelY Paragraph 4 075-52.5) words What: Topic sentence U a he approach to develop orb. Insight, . and moral compass and how these might influence future professiOnal practice. Utilise a reflexive Explore elements relating to the topic These could include: approach to develop critical a reflection .1401 into ono’s own ReciprocitY values and moral comp.. -Confidentislily • Comp.nce and how thus. might influence – .gMY • Fwd./ .u. professional • PrIvacy . Voracity Pm…. -Gratitude Evidence: Supporting eween. Provide evidence (Harvard referencing style with in-text) to revne,,,…. issue, justin, au.nam, gram…. non-maleficence. beneficence etc.
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