Using Strengths to Increase Motivation Complete the “What is My Level of PsyCap” self-assessment.

Self PsyCap is included (Use these results only)

Using Strengths to Increase Motivation

Complete the “What is My Level of PsyCap” self-assessment.

Write a 1,400-word paper in which you include the following:

  • Explain why you agree or disagree with your results.
  • Develop strategies to advance your career using your strengths.
  • How can you use goal-setting to increase motivation and improve job performance?
  • How might your engagement as an employee and job satisfaction influence job performance?
  • Discuss at least 5 of the following motivational theories and explain how these can aid in job performance:
    • Extrinsic motivation
    • Intrinsic motivation
    • McGregor’s Theory X and Theory Y
    • Maslow’s Needs Hierarchy
    • Acquired needs theory
    • Self-determination theory
    • Herzberg’s theory of motivation
    • Equity theory
    • Expectancy theory

Format your paper consistent with APA guidelines.

Provide references.

Self-Assessment 7.3: What Is My Level of PsyCap?


Having positive psychological capital (PsyCap) is related to fostering four key characteristics: hope, efficacy, resilience, and optimism. By working to improve your PsyCap you may increase job satisfaction and personal well-being while reducing work-related stress and counterproductive behaviors.

Instructions Below are statements that describe how you may think about your job and career right now. If you aren’t currently working, then answer these questions in terms of potential job interviews and you future career. Using the scale below, please indicate to what extent you agree with the following statements:

Strongly Disagree 


Somewhat Disagree 

Somewhat Agree 


Strongly Agree 

* 1. I feel confident in representing myself in my job and career-related activities.
* 2. I feel confident contributing to discussions about my abilities as an employee.
* 3. I feel confident in setting targets/goals related to my job and career.
* 4. If I should find myself in a jam at my job, I could think of many ways to get out of it.
* 5. There are lots of ways around any problem.
* 6. I can think of many ways to reach my current job and career goals.
* 7. When I have a setback in my job, I recover from it and move on.
* 8. I can get through difficult times in my job and career because I have experienced difficulties before.
* 9. I feel I can handle many things at a time during my job.
* 10. When things are uncertain for me during my job, I usually expect the best.
* 11. I am optimistic about what will happen to me in the future as it pertains to my job.
* 12. I approach my job as if every cloud has a silver lining.


Score : 15 pts.

15 – 18 pts.

Feedback: High level of PsyCap.


Score : 12 pts.

9 – 14 pts.

Feedback: Moderate level of PsyCap.


Score : 14 pts.

9 – 14 pts.

Feedback: Moderate level of PsyCap.


Score : 13 pts.

9 – 14 pts.

Feedback: Moderate level of PsyCap.

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