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UCS422 The SkyTech Sdn Bhd company has been operated for the last 10 years: Cybersecurity For Non-Computing Science Assignment, UiTM, Malaysia


 The SkyTech Sdn Bhd company has been operating for the last 10 years and has more than 500 customers and more than 20 suppliers/vendors for various services. The administration office is located at a 3-story shop lot with 50 personnel and a warehouse located 1 kilometer away with 10 personnel taking care of the warehouse activities.

The administration offices are using combination of computer automated information systems that can only be accessed within the company’s network and manual systems for daily business activities and the data center is also located on the administration building handled by IT personnel. The company also uses email for communication and normal telephone systems. The company is using a website as a method to put its present to public and recently also join the wagon using social media

The company have been experiencing some theft and misplaced things here and there in administration office as well at the warehouse. Some classified information reaches the receptionist and have been topic of discussion among all employees freely, even the vendors are talking about it. Some data been edited without consent. Although all of these has not affected the business yet but it has made the top management worry. The IT personnel is also complaining that server is experiencing some slowdown in processing requests.

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With the current scenario, the CEO wants to improve the security of the company with some budget constraint. The current security the company have are: Lock at the entrance door, Password to the information systems that are shared within the department, Fire extinguishers, fire alarm and smoke detector. The warehouse is fenced with locked gate during off business hour.

Based on the above information, you are responsible to PROPOSE how to improve the company security (physically & logically).

-Your discussion should cover the following but not limited to;

Roles & Responsibility
Access Control

In completing the task, you are free to create organization chart of the company to illustrate the hierarchy in organization.

Cover sub items listed above. The plan should have objectives and how they relate to the agency mission.

-The report should include:

Mission, vision, goals, objectives and how they relate to the agency mission
High-level plan for achieving information security goals and objectives including short-, mid-term objective and performance targets and performance measures.
Reference list –APA referencing style

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