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This research project investigates the influence of digital humanities on language preservation: Linguistics Thesis Proposal, UCD, Ireland


This research project investigates the influence of digital humanities on language preservation in the Hungarian diaspora, with a particular emphasis on the Irish viewpoint. The Hungarian diaspora has obstacles in maintaining the Hungarian language and cultural legacy, and the purpose of this study is to investigate the role of digital tools and resources in language preservation initiatives. The research problem entails researching the historical backdrop, obstacles, and existing activities linked to language maintenance in the Hungarian diaspora, as well as investigating the role of digital humanities in addressing these issues.

The methodology will entail a thorough examination of the digital humanities, including their definition, scope, and applications in language-related research. Furthermore, the research project will present an overview of the Hungarian diaspora in Ireland and investigate the Irish experience with digital humanities in language preservation. The findings will highlight the value of digital tools and resources for language preservation, such as language learning applications, online dictionaries, and virtual libraries. The research project will also examine the benefits, obstacles, and best practices for using digital humanities to maintain language in diaspora populations.

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