Therapy and Treatment Mental Illness

Discussion: Therapy and Treatment

Treating Mental Illness

Review your previous discussion assignment about the fictional character who could be diagnosed with a psychological disorder. Considering the diagnosis and disorder:

1. Describe THREE different treatment methods from your readings that could be used to treat the disorder you described. Give details about each method.

2. Conclude with your recommendation for the best treatment or therapy method, and why.

Discussions require a minimum of 3 posts. The first post is your “initial response” or “Main Post” as this is your “opening or position statement”. It should be about 150-250 words and should include citations/references regarding where you found your information. Then provide a minimum of TWO thoughtful and relevant replies to fellow students. The guideline for a reply post is about 100-150 words. These posts should be relevant, timely, well-written and include citations. This is your chance to show off your knowledge of the Psychological terms, concepts, and principles you are learning about!! While the requirement is 3 posts, additional relevant, timely, and quality replies that add value are strongly encouraged to improve your learning and grade. Remember to integrate scholarly sources into your response, using APA guidelines to cite appropriately.



Hannah Baker is the main character in the Netflix series “Thirteen Reasons Why.” She is seventeen years old and attending Liberty High School. While in school, she faced several challenges that consequently cause her to suffer from depression. The series portrays the various experiences that teenagers go through in high school using the characters, mainly Hannah Baker. It reveals how these challenges lead to mental disorders such as depression and post-traumatic stress disorder if they are not dealt with appropriately by school administrations, parents, and fellow students. It supports the recent research findings that women undergo depression more than men in contemporary society (Jorden, 2019).

Hannah Baker began to depict early signs of depression after a picture Justin Foley took was shared in the school, revealing her underwear. She became a laughing stock and was shunned by everyone, even Clay Jensen, one of her close friends. In one of the early episodes of season one, a note that Hannah wrote was read out in class stating, “What if the only way not to feel bad is to stop feeling anything at all, forever?” (Wikiversity, 2020). This was evidence of suicidal thoughts as a consequence of depression. Similarly, Hannah tells Clay at a party, “What’s the point of anything. Do you ever think: I can’t do it anymore? Like, I wanna die. Like, everything’s black.” (Wikiversity, 2020). Hannah Baker was also let down by Ryan Shaver when he posted her poem in the school newsletter without her consent. This could have contributed to her depression.

Hannah Baker faced several guilt cases that could have messed up her mental wellness (Wikiversity, 2020). She lost her parents’ money while headed to deposit it to the bank. This made them really upset. Hannah had to keep her father’s affair a secret from her mother to keep their family intact. Hannah blamed herself for Jessica’s rape because she stayed silent as Bryce assaulted her; she felt like she was a disappointment to her family and friends. She assumed she was not good enough to be loved, especially when Zach became distant with her after they had a relationship in the summer (Wikiversity, 2020). Hannah bottled up all these emotions, that she eventually fell into depression.


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