Theatre Appreciation On-line – Final Theatre Project

Theatre Appreciation On-line – Final Theatre Project

The project will consist of an in depth report on a subject matter relating to theatre. Here are some project ideas you may want to consider but you are not held to these only:

· Create Costumes, Lighting, Scenic, or Sound design for a production

· Different theories to the methods of Acting

· Write about a famous Scenic/Lighting/Costume Designer

· History of Musicals from a specific era or a specific musical

· Costume design for Hamilton, The Lion King or Kinky Boots

· Expand more on any part of theatre history

· Today’s Theatre (Blue Man Group, Stomp, Improvisation)

· Today’s musical theatre (Hamilton, Avenue Q, The Book of Mormon)

· Compare and contrast a play version of a movie or vice versa. Example the movie Chicago to the musical Chicago.

· The topic must be within the realm of theatre. Please no actors, directors or designers from the movies unless their bulk work is from the stage.

Before you ask, “What should it be about?” I want you to do your report on something that interests you. For example, if you want to do the costumes, scenic or lighting design for any other production you have seen or read will work. If you saw a production and didn’t like how some of the technical elements were executed, how would you do them differently? If music interests you, then you may want to do a report on the history of musicals or how sound/multimedia has taken off in the past 20 years. The range is open for what you can do, as long as you tie it into the world of theatre. Make sure the information you are presenting is new to us this semester. Please do not take previous power points and copy and paste information. Present newer information to the class. Recycling information will result in significant point reduction.

This project needs to be incisive, interesting, and informative.

By 7 PM on July 5 (new due date), you need to e-mail me, at, a brief, one paragraph statement, describing the nature of the final project. Failure to do so will result in a minimum 10 point reduction on your final project. In the e-mail make sure to put your name, section number, and final project in the subject line (example Gorris –O01P.SU20 Final Project).

The projects are due by 7 PM on Sunday, July 26. In order to receive full credit you must respond to at least two of your classmates’ power point thread, but need to view all of them to get the question and answer for the final exam.

*Very important*

Save your project the following way: your last name first, section number, then topic (example: Gorris O01P.SU20 – Blue Man Group.ppt).

At the end of your power point, provide one “test worthy” question (along with the answer) to be asked for the final. Present new information and not something we have already gone over. The question should be about the topic you presented. Not all questions will be used. Once completed, post a copy to the discussions under “Final Project”.

Once posted, I assume you are done with the project and it is ready for grading. No changes can be made after this point, so please double/triple check all the requirements before posting your project.

If you have any further questions, please e-mail or post them under the question/information” section in the discussion forum.

If you put large file images in your presentation, it may not load up. Make sure that they are at low resolution to ensure that the presentation will be able to upload to Canvas. The thread to post will be released by Monday, July 20.

Checklist: Make sure to complete all the steps prior to posting your project.

· Is your project saved as a .ppt or a .pptx? Do not use Google Docs, Mac’s Pages or save as PDF. Please use Microsoft PowerPont. (-5 points)

· Does slide #1 have the title of my project along with my name and class section within it? (-5 points)

· Does it have enough information and pictures to cover the project? There is no maximum amount of slides you need for this project but should have enough to cover the information. There should be a minimum amount of 15 slides (this does not include your title slide; question and answer slide; and your work cited slide). (-5 to -10 points).

· Does it have the test question to be asked for the final along with the answer on the 2nd to last slide and is that question related to your topic? (-5 to -10 points)

· On the last slide, do I have a list of work cited? (-5 points)

· Have I posted a copy of it in Canvas by the due date and time? (-5 to -10 points)

· Did I respond to at least two other classmates’ threads? (-5 to -10 points)

· Was the topic e-mailed to me prior to due date and time (-10 points)


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