the importance of the SWOT tool for strategic planning

A SWOT exercise and analysis is an important tool that may be used by an organization or project planner to assess the environment and inform the strategic planning process.  Write a report in a narrative format of not more than two (2) pages in length, regarding the importance of the SWOT tool for strategic planning.

Each of the following three (3) questions must be answered:

1. What is the value of the strategic planning process?
2. What are the sources of data and information required for use in an effective SWOT analysis?
3. Identify at least one other tool associated with strategic planning that compliments and/or is an alternative to a SWOT analysis…

In this assignment, you must articulate a critical understanding of the use of this tool (SWOT) and how it may be used to inform and support the development of an enterprise-wide view of the project needs of an organization.  This must include a discussion about the types of data and information that may typically be needed.  Describe the options for collecting and assessing it.

– 12pt font size, double spaced, no citation needed

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