the impact of mobile devices on cyber-security.

Compose a 1250 words assignment on the impact of mobile devices on cyber-security. Needs to be plagiarism free! Although the use and acceptance of mobile technology have advanced significantly, it started being used by most of the world in the early 1980s. A research that was carried out by Gartner, a research firm, shows that worldwide smartphone sales increase yearly by about 45%. Tablet shipments on the other hand are more than 17.4 million units in the whole world (Friedman & Hoffman, 2008). By 2013, over 80% of the people in the whole world were using mobile phones and currently, the number of mobile devices in the world exceeds 6 billion. In connection to this, the paper will expound on the impact of mobile devices on cyber-security.Today almost all people carry mobile phones as well as computers that are significantly faster than desktop computers that were used in the past. These devices not only enable people to get in touch with each other but also allow them to telework from their respective homes. Since mobile phones as well as tablets are used as a key to an individual’s identity, hackers can use them as a channel to getting to other devices. In other words, the hacks could lead to attacks on an individual’s devices as well as devices of any other person connected on the same network as the first hacked device. The most common hacking method involves forwarding the network traffic directed by the control server to other different hosts in the network if the mobile device is linked to an internal Wi-Fi (Logan, 2011). Essentially, if a person falls victim to this type of attack, he or she exposes attackers to their entire digital life and that of any person connected to his or her network. According to Certic (2013), Worms as well as Man-in-the-Middle attacks are also examples of threats that enable hackers to use one mobile device to access other devices.According to Johnson (2012, p.2), “six out of every 10 cybersecurity breaches occur as a result of a mobile device.


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