Sustainable practive:Discuss how your employer promotes sustainability of EBP.


Talk with a member of your employment management team*, and write at least 100 words on the first two topics below. Do not identify the organization. No references or responses are required for this assignment.

-Discuss how your employer’s unit or organization facilitates practice changes.

-Discuss how your employer promotes sustainability of EBP

*If you are not working, or not working in a nursing role, you can contact a nurse leader you know, a former manager/educator, or contact the instructor for assistance

3. Next, write 250 words on one of the below four topics. Use scholarly writing and APA formatting, including at least one citation/reference of a current, professional, peer reviewed journal article.

Barriers to EBP; Implementation of new EBP; Maintaining an EBP practice change; Promoting engagement in EBP

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