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Faculty of Arts and Humanities Module Title: Stage Lighting and Sound Skills Module Code: A203PA
Assignment Brief
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Coursework Title. Sta e Li htin and Sound Skills
Module Leader: Michael Hunter Email:
tAntVeargt;:: above
Word Count: N/A
Online submission arrangement: Tumitin via Aula
6pm, 16. April, 2021
Individual assignment
This assignment counts for 100% of Module Mark/Credit value of the module marks
Mark and Feedback date (10/5/2021) Mark and Feedback method: via Gradebook
You will be provided with an extract from a play and asked to submit a digital portfo comprised of the following:
• A lighting plan • Lighting and Sound cue sheets • 1 Edited Audio folder containing your edited sound effects • Rationale for lighting and sound choices made that demonstrate technical and contextual understanding
Templates for the lighting plan and cue sheets will be provided.
If there is anything that you do not understand about this assignment brief once you have read It fully, or you have any concerns about it, please contact the Module Leader immediately. Their name and contact details are at the top of this brief.
Additional Information This module will help you develop the skills to successfully light and Provide sound for performances and events. The module aims to provide skills and knowledge such as the
purpose and function of each common type of lantern, basic lamp maintenance, rigging and its safe practice, plotting and the creation of cue sheets. For sound, the module will consider music/effect selection, basic editing and burning, basic operation of mixing desk and the creation of cue sheets. This module is about encouraging you to develop these skills with imagination, clarity and rigour, enabling you to evaluate their potential, and assess which approaches work effectively in practice.
Module Learning Outcomes
Reflect upon your employability competencies and career management skills and plan for your future development
Demonstrate the ability to safely undertake a basic lighting and sound rig, plot and cue operation
Assessed in this assignment?
Evidence the skills required for designing lighting and sound for use in theatrical performances

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