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Socio-Economic and Legal Environment Assignment Answers

Socio-Economic and Legal Environment Assignment Questions and Answers


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This module has been designed to provide the learners with the adequate understanding of the economic, social, political and legal context which affects the environments in which businesses and organizations operate. An analysis and understanding of critical factors such as globalization, growth in the economy and legal regulations which affect the ability of businesses to operate is deemed highly important for management professionals.

Learning Outcomes

LO1. Critically analyse the knowledge economy and the various drivers of economic changes which impact business activities.

LO2. Understand the legal framework and its implications in the wider context of business


LO3. Analyse case scenarios and case studies on the various economic drivers and legal frameworks practiced in business management.

LO4. Critically evaluate the political factors which influence company management and dynamics.


Task 1

The sharing economy has been widely hailed as a major growth sector, by sources ranging from Fortune magazine to President Obama. It has disrupted mature industries, such as hotels and automotive, by providing consumers with convenient and cost-efficient access to resources without the financial, emotional, or social burdens of ownership. But the sharing economy isn’t really a “sharing” economy at all; it’s an access economy.

Sharing is a form of social exchange that takes place among people known to each other, without any profit. Sharing is an established practice, and dominates particular aspects of our life, such as within the family. By sharing and collectively consuming the household space of the home, family members establish a communal identity. When “sharing” is market-mediated — when a company is an intermediary between consumers who don’t know each other — it is no longer sharing at all. Rather, consumers are paying to access someone else’s goods or services for a particular period of time. It is an economic exchange, and consumers are after utilitarian, rather than social, value.

You MUST follow the Project Report format, which should contain the following sections:

1.Executive Summary

  • ( summarizes the report components – write about what the content is all about alright)

2. Introduction to the chosen organization

  • Name , history , location , …..etc you introduce in a brief way what is the company about where is it origin. because see in the first part of the question you need to you need to answer and link this to the country of origin so mention what is this company about small brief introduction who is the owner of that company how it has been established and what is the country of origin and what does it do and once

3.Economic indicators: Identify the macro and microeconomic indicators impacted by the operations of your selected organization in the country of origin.

Impact of economic operation at least two metrics distribution channels, supply change management

4. External analysis: Conduct a PESTLE analysis and critically analyze its impact on your selected organization.

  •  analyze and the critical manner the impact of those different factors on the selected organization
  • try to add some tables and try to put some illustrations
  • cover all the six different segments of PESTLE analysis  and then you have to critically analyze the impact of each segment on the organization itself
  • brief way what are the factors and how are these different factors affecting your organization and then you can go deeply within the other segments

5. Economic drivers: Recommend strategies for an entrepreneur by identifying three major Socio-Economic and Technological drivers that contribute to the success of the organization.

  • set recommended strategies and those strategies have to be connected with three major socioeconomic drivers and on the other hand three major technological drivers and how these different drivers of change are contributing to the success of the organization.
  • give some strategies that you actually recommend or advise  that entrepreneur to follow
  • identifying 3 major socioeconomic so that’s the first one here socioeconomic and then technological drivers that contribute to the success of the organization. Stick to three major socioeconomic and another three major technological drivers
  • so talk about them and see how they contribute to the success of the organization that you chose to write about that’s the second part while the first part you have to recommend strategies
  • you need to recommend those strategies while identify three major socioeconomic drivers of change and 3 technological drivers have changed

6. Political influence: How does the political environment of the home country influence the business model of your selected organization?

  • what are the different constituents of that political environment and how is it going to affect this organization in the home country so be careful when you have a company which is a multinational company functioning
  • focus on the political environment of the whole country so we’re gonna link this to the first part to part A in part a you’re gonna talk about the macro and microeconomic indicators and how they’re gonna impact your organization within the country of origin
  • how that is going to influence the business model of your selected organization

7. Legal impact: Explain the role of regulatory and anti-trust laws and evaluate their impact on your chosen organization.

  • explain the role of regulatory and antitrust laws
  • the question is divided into two different parts one part is going to talk about the role of regulatory and how is it going to influence your organization and the second part you’re going to talk about the antitrust laws
  • explain how the role of regulatory and antitrust laws are evaluated you have to evaluate their impact on the chosen organization


  • summarize whatever findings you came about
  • put some recommendations and some notes that you as a business analyst

8. References: You should use the Harvard Referencing System (HRS) correctly throughout your report.


Task 2

This is a reflective report; a Reflective Report is a piece of writing that summarises a student’s critical reflection on a subject. Report guidelines are as follows:

  1. Curiosity: What made you curious in this module? How does learning feel different when you’re curious?
  2. Description: What’s the most important concept you learned in this module? Why do you think so?
  3. Self Realization: Which topic brought out the best in you and why do you think that is?
  4. Extension: What do you want to learn more about, and why?


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