Should Confederate monuments and symbols be taken down across the U.S.?Discuss

Essay V: Argument
Throughout the semester, you have practiced forming argumentative essays by taking positions and using evidence to support them. The argument mode, however, requires you to do this and then specifically examine opposing opinions.

For this essay, assume that your readers do not agree with you; therefore, you will need to consider the other side of the issue (counterargument) and find concrete evidence to prove why your stance is valid. Your argument will be supported by clear reasoning and at least 3-6 of the sources provided by your instructor on Moodle. (You may do supplemental research if you wish. Contact your instructor for permission to add sources you have found; if permission is given, you will have to provide the articles as files and upload them with your essay.)

Choose one of the following prompts:
Argue for or against the use of high stakes standardized testing in K-12 schools.

Should Confederate monuments and symbols be taken down across the U.S.?

You MUST read/annotate all sources and plan before you write!
Length: 750-1000 words (excluding Works Cited)
MLA format, typed in 12-point Times New Roman, double-spaced
Use of at least 1 primary and 2 secondary sources (at least 1 must be scholarly)
*Refer to pp. 170-172 for help with identifying sources; refer to pp. 172-176 for help with independent research and using databases
A mix of direct quotations and paraphrasing from each of your sources (contextualized and cited properly)

Bonus: You may earn up to 5 bonus points for scheduling an eTutoring appointment at the Write to Excellence Center. This must be done before you turn in your final draft and result in significant revision to your writing. You must provide a printed draft with the tutor’s comments to prove you had a tutoring session.

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