You serve as the chair of the Academic LeadershipTeam (ALT) at your institution and have done so for the past two years. During that time, you have been involved with the analysis of data related to student persistence rates, GPAs,

Question 1

You serve as the chair of the Academic LeadershipTeam (ALT) at your institution and have done so for the past two years. During that time, you have been involved with the analysis of data related to student persistence rates, GPAs, faculty evaluations, and student survey results. These data consistently indicate that students perform slightly lower than expected in all academic areas. There is also a slight, but noticeable, sense of dissatisfaction with the educational environment.

After numerous ALT discussions, some including stakeholders outside of your team, a decision was made that the establishment of a Center for Excellence on the campus would be explored. Everyone is in agreement that something must be done if student academic success and student satisfaction are to increase and the concept of a support center appears to address that need. They are also in agreement that it will be the responsibility of ALT to oversee the Center’s operations and evaluate its effectiveness.

However, based on their research, some members of the team are strongly in favor of the Center functioning solely for the benefit of the students by providing student tutors, career assistance, mentoring, counseling, etc. They believe that a Center that would provide help based on the student specific learning styles and needs is the best approach to ensuring academic success and, thereby, increasing self-esteem, confidence, and continued academic success. Others feel that their research indicates that the Center should be a learning and support center for all members of the academic community including the faculty.  This group has stated very strongly that, for the students to achieve at a higher rate, the faculty must also improve in content knowledge, pedagogy, and scholarship. This group points to research regarding the effectiveness of professional learning communities in enhancing faculty professional development needs. They believe that by having the faculty engaged directly with the students by serving as tutors and professional mentors, student satisfaction rates would increase.  Both groups have provided some very compelling research-based arguments to support their position on the focus the Center should have.

Even though both sides have presented compelling arguments, the group as a whole has reached an impasse as to the final direction that the Center should take. The Board of Trustees is in favor of the concept of a Center of Excellence. You have been asked to present a white paper to them at the next Board meeting describing the focus of the Center of Excellence and a plan for its successful implementation. You alone must make the final decision as to the direction of the Center. However, you do realize that no matter which focus you select, one group will be very resistant to that decision. Your concern, at this point, is not about the effectiveness of either direction the Center can take. You are more concerned about reconciling both groups back into a cohesive team that will work together in the oversight and evaluation of the Center’s effectiveness.

After describing your decision as to the focus of the Center and providing a brief rationale for that decision, you are to:

  1. Describe/Identify the leadership theories, models, approaches, and/or specific strategies you willuse to make your final decision and explain why you chose them over others
  2. Describe any of the interpersonal effectiveness strategies and techniques, communication skills, etc. You will use to reconcile the differences of opinion among the ALT members as to the focus of the Center to ensure its successful implementation.
  3. Describe the communication skills and techniques you will employ to introduce the Center for Excellence and its purpose to the larger educational community
  4. Describe any change management theories and techniques that you will use to ensure the use of the Center once it is open.
  5. Explain how you will acquire and incorporate diverse ideas from the ALT group and outside stakeholders moving forward to ensure the effective operation of the Center.
  6. Describe briefly, based on the focus of the Center, what you will use to evaluate its effectiveness.

Must be 15 pages double space and plagiarize freein APA writing style including introduction, conclusion and reference pagesusing at least 10 per-reviewed articles. Write out each question when answering.


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