Assessment 3: Ethics Case Study Report

Assessment 3: Ethics Case Study Report
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Assessment 3: Ethics Case Study Report

  • Students complete a 1500-2000 word report investigating an ethical case study in a relevant engineering discipline.
  • The report must include an Abstract, Introduction, Discussion, Conclusion and References.
  • The Reference section must be appropriately set out in the Harvard Referencing style and include a minimum of 15 references, at least half of these references must be sourced from peer-reviewed literature.
  • In selecting a case study to investigate, students should chose an example that:

    • is relevant to an engineering discipline
    • is interesting to them
    • has a focus on ethics
    • is an account of an activity, event or problem that contains a real situation and includes complexities encountered in the workplace.

Assessment 3: Organising the Report

  • Context — Describe the case study or situation being investigated. Focus on the facts of the situation.
  • Approach – Use topic based headings and a chronological sequence to give a summary and discussion of contributing factors (usually focusing on a specific time period in the past) that lead to and resulted from the situation described in the case study. Refer to theories, relevant publications or prior cases to explain and justify your interpretations of the situation. Problems and solutions and previous recommendations that were made are highlighted and briefly commented upon (eg; which problems were eventually solved and how they were solved, or which problems continued and why they remained unsolved).
  • Conclusion– Try to answer the following questions. What else has been achieved since the situation occurred? Have all recommendations been implemented? What may happen in the future?

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Assessment 3: Ethics Case Study Report
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