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Psychology of the Media – Psy 320


In an already oversaturated advertising market it is hard to make a product stand out. Advertisers and marketers utilize statistical data and psychological techniques to increases both the noticeability and appeal of their product. For this assignment you will be developing an advertising campaign for a specific product using sound psychological principles.

What are we advertising? It’s a Widget. What’s a Widget? That’s an excellent question. One in which you will be answering for this assignment. In your paper you will outline and describe an advertising campaign incorporating various psychological theories to sell your product. These theories must make sense for the product (whatever you decide it does) and make sense from a theoretical point of view. You can focus on an overall approach to selling the product or a focused description of a single piece of advertising. You must include the following information.

  • What the Widget does. (5%)
  • What sales demographic are you targeting and why? (20%)
  • How you plan on advertising it? Incorporating the following theories and explain why your choice would work best for your selected demographic. (60%)
    1. Elaboration Likelihood model
    2. Yale Attitude Approach
    3. Cialdini’s Weapons of Influence
  • Other theories from class, as appropriate (10%)

Format (5%): 2 to 3 pages, double spaced, Times New Roman, APA Style. Do not list or bullet point the questions when answering them, incorporate them into paragraphs.

Grading: Will be based on how thoroughly you answer each question, formatting, and grammar and spelling. Make sure to be complete in your answers. To gain full credit your answer must be thorough, display critical thinking, and be without formatting, spelling or grammar mistakes. Doing the bare minimum work, will result in a bare minimum grade. I must be able to tell that you understand the material enough to apply it. Keep in mind that the first question is there to set the stage and justify the rest of the paper, do not overly focus on what the widget does.

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