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Part 5 SAP Workflow Design (10./0).
Develop an SAP workflow design for ABC University using the SAP workflow framewo.. The parts of the design should be in the form suggested in the box below. (You do not have to implement your workflow in SAP for this assignment!)
• gICTORIA 4″ ‘CZ bi:417iirational Plan for ABC University showing Organisational Units, Jobs and Positions required for the workflow. This plan should be presented as a hierarchy sirnilar to the example completed in the lecture.

List and describe the activities using the table structure shown. (You will have to add rows to the table – Table 1)
Define the assignments of activities to the Organisational Units in your organisational plan. Give a reason for your choice of assignment type and time. (Use the table structure shown below to record this information. You will have to add rows to the table. Refer to the example developed in lecture to understand what is required here. – Table 2)
Draw, using the SAP workflow symbols, a SAP workflow diagram to describe the process logic (in the form of a Word document using the SAP icons provided on VU Collaborate).
Table 1 [Activity Name
Table 2
Activity NalMO
Assigned To
Type When Assigned Reason for selecting the type when assigned

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