Running a Construction Business Assignment

Running a Construction Business Assignment

Assessment, Objectives & Strategy (Requirement)

As part of the report provide an initial assessment of the company’s current position and state and set objectives for the two year period of the simulation. The objectives should reflect stepping stones on the journey to achieving your strategic objectives for the company. Your strategy can encompass real life issues outside of the simulation and you can assume the the simulation is taking place in the context of the current economic environment. However do bear in mind that you can only “control” the variables that are part of the simulation.

Report and review the results you achieve each quarter.

The report should include a brief summary of the activity for each quarter. You do not have enough words to provide a detailed written commentary so make sure you are writing the report with the appropriate level of detail and make full use of tables. However (and this is a biggy) make sure that the tables are relevant to the commentary and do explain what they mean. Don’t just cut and paste a load of information and hope you will get a high mark for it.

The areas that could be included in the report are:


Invitations taken up or declined / Mark-up applied / Sub-contracting / Loading

Organisation structure

Reporting / Training / Salaries / Hire / Fire / Change function

Workload / People / Work allocation

Progress towards your targets

Profit or loss for the quarter

What went well / What did not / Why? ANALYSE and EVALUATE

What you will do differently next time

Please note that this list does not mean that you should slavishly write a paragraph with each of the above bullet points as a heading. Try and write a global commentary that incorporates all the above. If any of the above points are not significant or did not change significantly then they do not need to be included in the report. Periods 5-11

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