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he acceleration in the growth of OOSAD maybe attributed to UML as a lingua franca of SAD. While providing a rich common vocabulary of object-oriented terms and diagramming techniques for modeling systems development, UML’s range of diagrams may also be considered to be complex and confusing.

Produce a presentation paper, appraising the role of UML in enhancing systems development, by modelling a business process (or a set of sequential tasks that happen in a specific order) in a local business or organisation of your choice. Your presentation paper should include

a)      use case description document(s)                               (15 marks)

b)      use case diagram(s)                                                     (10 marks)

c)      relevant sequence diagram(s)                                      (10 marks)

You should use UML for all the produced diagrams, and include any assumptions made, as well as an evaluation of the diagrams constructed.

The marks for the assignment will be based on:

Use of appropriate theory and communication                                                                       40 marks

Application of knowledge of modelling (use case description and diagrams-see above)      35 marks

Structure and format of the presentation                                                                                15 marks

References (range & relevance)                                                                                              10 marks

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