Research Paper-How Does Sexual Harassment Affect Workplace Relationships?

The following information will serve as a comprehensive guide for the research paper that is required for this course. In addition to this following information, please be sure to check the Grading Policy found in the Start Here section of this course for the weighted grade applicable to your research paper. Your instructor will also be offering additional guidance on how to properly complete this major assignment throughout the term.
The research paper must follow basic APA style guidelines as adopted by NAU. Additional details relative to APA style are available on NAU’s Virtual Library.
The paper must be a minimum of 8-9 content pages in length. Title page, attachments, appendices, and reference pages are not included in the content page requirement.
Choose a specific subject related to a topic of interest in the course. The subject must first be approved by your Instructor.
The first paragraph should identify the subject and state your thesis.
The body of your paper should support the thesis presented in the introductory paragraph.
The paper must end with a conclusion paragraph pulling everything together.
The last page of your paper is the Reference page. All of the resources used must be cited, including the 6 reference minimum: three sources must be print or electronic books, research journals, periodicals or electronic database references; two sources may be web based, with no more than on non-juried/non-refereed Internet site being used.
Review your paper for appropriate grammar, punctuation and spelling before submitting it to your Instructor. Directions for submitting the paper are listed below.
A comprehensive list of activities, requirements and deadlines can be found on the Research Paper Suggested Deadlines A Student Checklist as captioned below.
Research Paper Suggested Deadlines
A Student Checklist
The following checklist includes suggested timelines for completing the steps that are typical to the proper construction of research papers in writing-intensive courses. Students are encouraged to refer to this checklist to record their progress toward their successful completion of the research paper.
Deadline Format Date Completed
Paper should adhere to APA style including correct in-text citations, double spaced, 1-inch margins, 12-point font, title page, abstract, and correct reference page, etc…The research paper is approximately 8-9 pages in length.
Please refer to additional APA resources offered in this course, as well as by the .
Pre-Writing Strategies
By the end of the second week of class Understand the assignment. Choose an approved topic, selected for the content of the course.
Submit to Instructor by end of second week of class Select and focus on the topic. Email your instructor for his/her approval of your topic.
By end of third week of class Refine your topic (if necessary).
By end of third week of class Design a method of development: description, narration, example, process, comparison/contrast, *argument, classification/division, cause/effect, or demonstration.
By end of third week of class
Submit to instructor by end of third week of the class Decide on a research strategy and keep careful notes, with sources clearly indicated.
Write the thesis statement to express the main point of the paper. Place the thesis statement in the introductory paragraph. Submit to instructor for grading (10 points)
Evaluation of Sources and
Thesis Development
By end of fourth week of class Conduct a general Web search for credible resource data.
By end of fourth week of class Locate, review, and evaluate books, journal, magazine, and newspaper articles.
By end of fourth week of class Keep careful notes, with sources clearly indicated.
By end of fourth week of class Create an introductory paragraph with an introductory sentence that identifies the subject and includes an attention getter to capture the reader’s interest.

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