RESEARCH PAPER ASSIGNMENT STEP 1: Based on EVAL PROEJCT 1, select 1 contemporary management technique not currently being implemented in the organization/segment that could aid the organization/s


STEP 1: Based on EVAL PROEJCT 1, select 1 contemporary management technique not currently being implemented in the organization/segment that could aid the organization/segment in achieving its critical success factors (CSFs).

The ten contemporary management techniques are:
1. Benchmarking, a process by which a firm identifies its critical success factors, studiesthe best practices of other firms (or other units within a firm) for these critical successfactors, and then implements improvements in the firm’s processes to match or beat theperformance of its competitors.

2.Total Quality Management, a technique in which management develops policies andpractices to ensure that the firm’s products and services exceed the customer’sexpectations.

3.Continuous Improvement, a management technique in which managers and workerscommit to a program of continuous improvement in quality and other critical successfactors.

4.Activity-based Costing and Management: Activity-based costing is used to improvethe tracing of manufacturing costs to products and therefore the accuracy of product costs. Activity-based management (ABM) uses activity analysis to improve operationalcontrol and management control.

5. Reengineering, a process for creating competitive advantage in which a firmreorganizes its operating and management functions, often with the result that jobs aremodified, combined, or eliminated.

6. The Theory of Constraints, a strategic technique to help firms to effectively improvethe rate at which raw material are converted to finished product.

7. Mass Customization, a management technique in which marketing and productionprocesses are designed to handle the increased variety of delivering customizedproducts and services to customers.

8. Target Costing, a management technique that determines the desired cost for aproduct upon the basis of a given competitive price, such that the product will earn adesired profit.

9. Life-Cycle Costing, a management technique used to monitor the costs of a productthroughout its life cycle.

10. The Balanced Scorecard, an accounting report that includes the firm’s criticalsuccess factors in four areas: customer satisfaction, financial performance, internalbusiness processes, and innovation and learning (human resources).

STEP 2: Search for (5) journal articles in professional, peer-reviewed accounting and business journals that pertain to the contemporary management technique chosen.

 Write a research paper in current APA format.
 The paper must be 10 mimimum, with 1-inch margins and current APA pagination.
 The font must be 12-point Times New Roman.
 The paper must include references from 5 different sources.
 Be sure to include a title page and a reference page in addition to the essay pages.
 The title page and the reference page do not count as part of the 10–15-page length requirement.

The paper must address the following in order:
1. Rationale for the contemporary management technique selected
2. In-depth analysis of the technique, in which you fully describe the technique, its implementation process, its application by other organizations, its applicability to your organization/segment, and your plan for implementation

Additional guidelines:
1. Avoid using first and second person (e.g., “I,” “we,” “you,” etc.).
2. You must reference a minimum of your textbooks and 5 additional scholarly sources. Wikipedia, Investopedia, and the like are not considered scholarly sources and should not be used. Any use of these sources will be grounds for a 50-point deduction.
3. Any personal communication should be cited appropriately within the text; however, citations of personal communication are not needed for the reference section.

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Blocher, E. J., Stout, D. E., Juras, P. E., & Cokins, G. (2016). Cost management: A strategic emphasis (7th ed.). Boston, MA: McGraw-Hill.

Hicks, M. (2010). Accounting for decision making: A study guide. Roanoke, VA: Synergistics. ISBN: 9781934748077.


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