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This assessment requires to undertake a research focussed, literature review answering the following question: To what extent does family adversity influence the developmental outcomes of young people? Which should produce a systematic-style literature review that identifies, appraises, selects and synthesizes all high-quality research evidence relevant to the question.

This should be reported in the following format:

Firstly, introduction Includes brief and relevant background information, defining key terms and referring to major research and/or theories relevant on the topic

Secondly, method Report how the individual searched for appropriate research literature, report on the search terms used. Also, the search strategy and relevant databases used to perform the searches.

Further, results Presentation of the main themes /results that the individual has identified from the research literature found

Also, discussion Interpretation and critical evaluation of the search results; set you results in context by exploring the limitations of your review

Also, conclusion/s Summary conclusion/s that can be confidently drawn from the research literature review

Finally, references Comprises of all literature cited, in APA format. The research should be using psychology databases such as PsycArticles, Science Direct, APA PsycInfo. And not Google Scholar or other sources which would not be very well credited by the assignment correctors.

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