Rebecca Gratz



Choose a person from the list below (or you may choose another important American Jewish Personality with my approval)and write an approximately five to ten-page paper on that individual’s contribution to American Jewish History. The paper should consist of a brief biography of the individual and the importance of what that individual (or his family) did to and for both American and Jewish History.

1. Hayim Solomon — 21. Meyer Lansky
2. Uriah P. Levy — 22. Samuel Gompers
3. Mordecai Manuel Noah — 23. Henrietta Szold
4. Judah Touro — 24. Louis B. Mayer
5. Levi Strauss — 25. George Gershwin
6. Joshua Abraham Norton — 26. Irving Berlin
7. Rebecca Gratz — 27. Jonas Salk
8. Gershom Mendes Seixas — 28. Al Jolson
9. Emma Goldman — 29. Henry Kissinger
10. Emma Lazarus — 30. Joseph Lieberman
11. Judah P. Benjamin — 31. Hyman Rickover
12. Bernard Baruch — 32. Rabbi Jacob Joseph
13. Joseph Seligman -33.Rabbi Dr.Joseph Kaminetsky
14. Benjamin Cardozo- 34. Dr. Bernard Revel
15. August Belmont – 35. Dr. Bernard Lander
16. Meyer Guggenheim -36.Rabbi Dr.J.B.Solovethick
17. Louis Brandeis — 37 Henry Morgenthau
18. Jacob Schiff—– 38. Rabbi Yoel Teitelbaum
19. Isidor Straus—- 39. Yaakov Yosef Herman
20. Julius Ochs —- 40. Rabbi Eliezer Silver

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