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Read and review the article by Arke and Primack (2009). This article is a different type of study than those we have been reviewing; it is a study evaluating a new measure (of media literacy). After reading the article you may need to ask questions about some of the statistical procedures that are used. Please post these and I will answer them promptly in plain language so that you can proceed with your review. Don’t be shy; someone else is probably wondering the same things you are. a. Just give a brief summary about the purpose of the research and the reasons given by the authors for the necessity of the study, then b. Discuss the reliability and validity of the new measure. Specifically, what steps did the researchers take to evaluate reliability and validity of the new measure? i. Address reliability. How was reliability addressed (or not addressed) by the authors? ii. Do you think the measure is reliable? What do you base your opinion on? Only evidence from this study (and/or Cozby & Bates, 2012) is required to be cited here – you don’t have to go hunting for any other references. iii. Address the 6 indicators of construct validity (as listed in your textbook). What did the researchers do to assess construct validity? What do they conclude? iv. Do you think the measure has construct validity? What do you base your opinion on? Again, when evidence is required to back up your contentions regarding this, just use the article and/or your text. If you can’t determine that a particular type of validity was addressed in the article, just write briefly about why it is/or is not important for the researcher to do so and, if you can, give a suggestion about how such an assessment might be done. Arke, E. T., & Primack, B. A. (2009). Quantifying media literacy: Development, reliability, and validity of a new measure. Educational Media International, 46(1), 53-65. Meltzoff, J. (1998). Critical thinking about research: Psychology and related fields. Washington, DC: American Psychological Association. (This edition or any other later editions are fine to use.)

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