2. How has the ongoing social construction of race been influenced by mass incarceration and related racial projects at the level of everyday interaction? Discuss:  a) Omi and Winants view and on how racial formation is affected by racial projects (use relevant examples they give); b) Wacquants discussion of mass incarceration as a race-making institution that effects the construction of the black race (lecture); c) Western and Pettit on the role of mass incarceration in institutionalizing racial inequality; and d) Pagers research findings on employer attitudes toward job seekers) (Inequality in the 21st Century and lectures).

4. How does gender continue to be significant for social inequality? Discuss: a) Lorbers account of how we continually do gender and the  institutionalization of gender inequality; b) Tilesiks study of discrimination against gay men; c) Englands analysis of how female activities are valued and the role of gender essentialism; and d) Ridgeways claims about Cultural lag and the continued use of gender framing (Inequality in the 21st Century and lectures).

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