Project of Rising Crime Rates

You are the police chief of Anywhere, U.S., a mid-sized community.
You have worked with your organization to adapt to the changes faced after 9/11. Now you are faced with the closing of a major plant in your town. Almost 1,000 men and women are now unemployed and foreclosed signs are popping up everywhere. People are forced to move into cheaper rental housing and there is a social disorganization crisis. Mixed race and age neighborhoods are reporting higher crime rates, vandalism reports are rising, and DUI arrests are the highest in the state.
Your agency is also struggling with low morale because they see their neighbors losing all they have worked for. You must now work with internal and external forces to help your agency and town ride through this economic crisis.
First task is to develop a PowerPoint presentation of approximately 15 slides that detail the problems with the rising crime rates. Use articles and literature to explain the impact of the economic downturn, citing all sources. Your audience includes the mayor, superintendent of schools, and both business and cultural leaders in the community.
Include the following:

-An analysis of the rising crime rates in your town. What are they and why are they related (or not)?
-An internal impact analysis. How does the crime rate and economy impact your officers?
-Four recommendations—2 with community impact and 2 with internal agency impact.
-A plan of action if these are approved.
-A list of necessary resources (monetary and otherwise).Be sure to include references to literature to support your recommendations properly citing sources
Support your analysis by citing creditable resources from your readings and assimilating research.

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