Project Management

Over the course of this semester you will complete a course “project” requiring you to integrate your learning from readings and structured course activities with self-reflection to develop connections between course concepts and your own practice and career goals. For each post you will be provided with a series of prompts to guide your reflective thinking and writing characterizing your learning for those modules and relating it to a self-defined clinical focus area and/or professional goals. You will also develop and refine a concept map using graphic organizer techniques. Graphic organizers organize content graphically. They may contain text, but the position of the text shows relationships within the information: for example, this causes that, this is part of that, or this comes before that, and so on. Organizers are best at showing this type of relational information. An assigned reading in week 1 will provide some context on concept mapping: • Canas, AJ., Carff, R., Hill, G., Carvalho, M., Arguedas, M., Eskridge, TC., Lott, J., Carvajal, R. (2005) Concept Maps: Integrating Knowledge and Information Visualization. In: Tergan, SO and Keller, T. Eds. Knowledge and Information Visualization. Berlin, Springer-Verlag; 2005: 205-219.
To begin the project, each student should identify a clinical or professional focus area to serve as a primary context for your reflections/learnings. Students are welcome to explore multiple areas across the assigned posts, but it will be helpful to have one primary guiding focus area. Some possible examples are listed below.
Example Possible Focus Areas:

  1. Global health
  2. Care Transitions
  3. Palliative Care/End of Life
  4. Pediatric obesity
  5. Pediatric environmental health hazards (may be air quality r/t asthma)
  6. Health Promotion for specific population
  7. Policy issues and Advanced Practice Nursing
  8. Organizational or Systems Issues (e.g., multidisciplinary triage, reducing medication
    errors in primary care; school-based health care; workforce management)
  9. Specific illness areas (e.g., Diabetes, severe mental illness, CHF-cardiac disease)

Paper instructions

I want an outline for my research please follow the example below:

Surname ii

Thesis: The elusive symbolism of the antithetical themes of light and darkness suggested in the stage directions in Maurice Maeterlinck’s Pelléas et Mélisande is underscored by the equally dramatic motifs employed by Claude Debussy.

I. Introduction
A. Maeterlinck’s stage directions
1. Lighting (Thomas 42)
2. Costumes (Raitt 25)
3. Props
a. The crown
b. The sword (Macdonald, “Something Borrowed” 11)
c. The ring (Macdonald, “An Introduction” 16)



Surname iii

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